Alliance Engg. Co.

Electric Control Panel Accessories

We supply all types of Electric Control Panel Accessories like Cable Ties, Tie Base, Glands, Coupler, Thimbles, Gromets, Gaskets, Terminal Blocks, Terminal Strips in Bakelite and pvc, Hole Closures, all type of Neutral Links, Danger Plates in al and pvc Stickers, Safety Charts, Legend Plates, smc/dmc Insulators, lt/ht Cables and Wires, Cable Trays, pvc Channels, Control and Signalling Devices, Temperature Controllers, Rotary Selector Switches, Spiral Sleeves, Ferrules, Panel Fans, Filters, Panel Lights, Conduit Pipes and Accessories, Meter Windows, Acrylic Sheets, Fibre Sheets, Crimping Tools, amf Panel Relays and Timers, Battery Chargers, and much more. All these Electric Control Panel Accessories are preferred for their impressive performance and reasonable pricing.

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